Colleen Arturi

Brand Strategist

Colleen Arturi is a brand strategist with a robust background in storytelling who believes brand strategy can revolutionize the way people think about their organizations. She utilizes human-centered design principles to help clients achieve a core understanding of how their brands can serve the people they want to connect with most. Her core passion is giving clients the tools to enable their own brand storytelling, with particular interest areas of civic engagement, reproductive health, and educational innovation. She blends capabilities from past experiences from roles at the online design community of Threadless, the innovation consultancy IDEO, and the retail behemoth IKEA. Colleen has taught Creative Writing at Chicago Portfolio School and has been honored for her creative work with a One Show Pencil and a Cannes Lion. She enjoys braving the potholed Midwestern streets on a tandem bike with her husband and son, taking her mutt Wizard for walks, organizing boxed wine picnics, and dancing of any sort.