Caroline Russo

Communications Strategist

A strategic, results-driven marketer, Caroline Russo is a food and nutrition communications specialist with expertise in CPGs, retail, foodservice, and commodity boards. With global agency pedigree, Russo is experienced in delivering high-impact marketing initiatives that reach consumer and B2B audiences, and ultimately, help grow the bottom line. Russo has led divisions of some of the world’s top food companies including General Mills, Kraft Heinz, Smuckers, ConAgra Foods, and has helped small, newly acquired food makers scale their brands.

She loves to collaborate with clients to solve complex business challenges – whether it’s new product launches, brand positioning, ingredient reformulations, or influencer marketing initiatives. She is an optimist known for infusing positive energy and motivating teams to deliver stellar results. 

Russo holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Toledo and a bachelor's degree in communications from Ohio University. 
In her free time, you can find her tasting her way through Chicago restaurants, baking, and enjoying yoga. Caroline resides in Chicago with her husband and their 1-year-old son.