Emily Schwartz


Emily brings calm to creative chaos. Over a 14-year career leading design for experiential and digital programs, she has the rare gift to balance wild-eyed concepts with process and detail. These skills have made her a natural leader to multi-disciplinary teams executing exciting and captivating work. She is most energized when developing brand identities, retail and on-and-off premise campaigns, and consumer experiences, and is well-versed in creative strategy and executions.


On the side, she brings this same excitement and thoughtfulness to planning events at home, experimenting with new cookbooks, and exploring new places in the world. From Israel, to Maine to Pulaski Park with her dog, Winnie, it's rare to find her sitting still – unless it's to binge-watch Schitt's Creek (seriously, check it out). She also brings this life-long love for the arts to her position with the Chicago High School for the Arts Associates Board, where her and her husband collaborate on programming to engage the students and community of ChiArts.


She believes that great design, even unseen, is a magical force that makes life better.

Emily Schwartz Headshot.jpg