Senior Account Executive

Responsibilities and Functions:

  • Demonstrate understanding of key client information, including general business strategy, industry trends and issues, products/ services, key opinion leaders, customers and competitors  

  • Contribute to and oversee creation of communications plans to meet client objectives  

  • Manage multiple projects for multiple clients from concept to completion by anticipating challenges, troubleshooting problems, proposing solutions, offering client counsel, overseeing quality, and ensuring deadline and budget adherence  

  • Contribute to and review client correspondence (i.e., daily updates, activity reports, etc.)  

  • Play key role in developing key messages in keeping with clients’ objectives  

  • Conduct research to support client programs including analysis of media coverage and online conversation

  • Coordinate and help plan media outreach programs including tours, events, conferences, interviews and new media outreach  

  • Oversee work products of junior staff to ensure quality and consistency, and provide constructive feedback on a regular basis 

  • Work closely with senior staff for project management and delivery 

  • Participate in new business processes, including research, audits, idea contribution and proposal preparation  

  • Stay up to date with emerging technologies and trends and demonstrate understanding of how they integrate into communications programs 

How You Work:

  • You like to jump in and thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment that pivots with the speed and volatility of culture

  • Hand-raisers, only! This role relies on those who step forward and proactively move projects and innovations along—not waiting for someone to tell you what the next steps are, but contributing assertively

  • We don’t like a burnout culture, but we do get sh*t done! You’ll need to work well under pressure, remaining focused, positive, and professional

  • Have a passion for uncovering the latest cultural trends 

  • Nimble is key! Highly adaptable and ability to shift priorities in real-time to meet client needs

  • Energetic, with a deep knowledge of the social, influencer and digital marketing landscape

  • Detail oriented and organized – ability to run more than one program at a time and stay on task

What You Have:

  • At least three to four years of relevant experience in public relations and/or related fields including marketing, advertising, media and publishing 

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited college or university 

  • A proven ability to lead and manage multiple small or medium-sized projects simultaneously 

  • Demonstrated ability to help develop communications plans, implement public relations tactics and impart knowledge to junior account team members  

  • Strong research, writing and editing skills, as well as the ability to interact with clients professionally and maintain relationships with media contacts 

  • Experience working with travel and/or lifestyle clients is preferred but not required 

  • Previous agency or consulting experience is highly preferred 

If you're interested in applying, please email us with your resume and a cover letter (or top 10 list on why you're made for Spool!) to: and please include the position title you're applying for. We'll be in touch!