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Spool Spotlight: Meet Sura Lennon

Sura joined Spool in October as an SVP of branding and marketing; she's been an awesome addition to the team out of the gate. Here's more about Sura!

Spool: What's one piece of advice that has helped your career (that you want to pass along to others)?

Sura: Um, three pieces of advice:

1 - Change is good. It always seems scary at first, but always ends up great in the long run.

2 - Don't be afraid to take on things you're not the expert at or have never done before. You'll surprise yourself what you can tackle.

3 - No regrets. Make educated decisions and be confident. Don't second guess yourself.

Spool: What was your childhood dream career?

Sura: To travel the world

Spool: Did that childhood career plan go wrong?!

Sura: I did travel a ton before I had kids and then kids but an abrupt stop to my travel plans.

Spool: What was your first concert?

Sura: I believe it was Prince (pretty cool - I know)

Spool: If you could take a limo with a famous person to a concert (from any time, living or dead) who would the celebrity be, what's the band and year be and why?

Sura: Could I have Michael Jordan and Obama? And I'd like to go back to my first concert and see Prince with them. He truly gets to your soul with his music and lyrics.

Spool: What drew you to Spool?

Sura: Love the collaboration and having peers to bounce ideas off of and the flexibility. Oh- and smart, smart women. That's a dream to be surrounded by tons of smart women, and it came true.

Spool: What's a quote that you love and live by?

Sura: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Everyone goes through hard times, but it's not the hard time that defines you, it's how you come out on the other end and choose to manage after.

Spool: Your last meal?

Sura: Mac n cheese? Movie popcorn...