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Spool Spotlight: Mary Anne McAndrew

Mary Anne has been working with Spool’s CEO, Catherine, for years in a number of capacities, and she has been an instrumental team member for our Baby Einstein client. Mary Anne is a PR pro and Spool is lucky to have her part of our team and a PR and communications specialist. Get to know Mary Anne a bit more!

Spool: What's one piece of advice that has helped your career (that you want to pass along to others)?

Mary Anne: Starting in a small agency or company can be a great jumpstart to your career! It affords you the opportunity to get your feet wet in all areas and harness work responsibilities that could take you far longer in a big organization

Spool: What was your childhood dream career?

Mary Anne: Depends which day you asked me, but either flight attendant or TV reporter

Spool: Where did that childhood career plan go wrong?! ;)

Mary Anne: Somehow the glamour of being a flight attendant changed as I "grew up" and once I had my first college internship with a cable TV station, I realized I preferred being behind the camera .. not in front of it

Spool: What was your first concert?

Mary Anne: REO Speedwagon and Journey

Spool: If you could take a limo with a famous person to a concert (from any time, living or dead) who would the celebrity be, what's the band and year be and why?

Mary Anne: Tough question ... but as I see the music I enjoy today (vs. when I was younger) I would never give up an opportunity to get the VIP treatment alongside a country star like Tim McGraw or Luke Bryan

Spool: What drew you to Spool?

Mary Anne: Catherine's vision for a new way of running a progressive PR shop ... and the opportunity to expand and share my expertise with more clients and interesting projects

Spool: What's a quote that you love and live by?

Mary Anne: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away - Maya Angelou

Spool: Your last meal?

Mary Anne: Grilled cheese and chicken & wild rice soup

Spool: That's a great pick! Yum!