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Thank You Hot Girl Summer

Megan The Stallion told me to have a hot girl summer, so I did. By definition, a hot girl summer is being unapologetically yourself, feeling confident in who you are, having fun, and looking good while doing it. I would say that I unabashedly took that challenge and proudly completed it.

My hot girl summer looked a little like: coming home to enjoy Chicago, spending much-needed quality time with my friends, being loved on by family, beginning my working career in the marketing field, and taking agency over my life. All of this was in large part to the internship I accepted from Spool Marketing and Communications.

This opportunity has been such a blessing, in ways that I predicted and most beautifully, in ways that I did not expect. I was given the time to work on my career goals, but I took the time to work on my personal goals. I have experienced a lot of changes in my life over the last few years, but for many reasons this opportunity, I can definitively say, was one of the most impactful. When the summer began and when I started this internship, I had no idea where I would end up. I had no idea I would be where I am today, but I could not have asked to be in a better position.

I have grown in so many ways during these short few months. Personally, I have stood in my independence. I have learned to take up the space that I deserve in this life. I have expanded and further explored my interests. Professionally, I have been challenged. I boldly conquered the beginning steps of a new career. I have learned what I am looking for in a professional setting. I have established what I need to do to get where I want to be. I have taken pride in my work. I have recognized the work I want to do and the importance of the voice that only I can offer. Emotionally, I have been able to tap into a level of awareness and control that I previously had not.

Special Thanks

To Industrious: Thank you for the daily breakfast, midday snacks and Thursday happy hour.

To Spool: Spool was a wonderful place to begin my career in marketing. I had the opportunity to grow as an individual in this field. Thank you for providing me with the tools I need to succeed in this career. Thank you for giving me the guidance I needed to independently and collectively recognize my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Thank you for the mentorship, formal and informal. Catherine, thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for giving me my wings to soar into this new career.

To my friends: Thank you for getting me out of the house for the best late-night activities. Thank you for indulging the foodie in me. We have made lasting memories that I am forever grateful for. Thank you for continuing to grow with me.

To my family: Thank you for lending an ear and for the comforting words you always seem to be able to find. Thank you for accepting my new-found independence in adulthood and allowing me to experience you in a different light.

To my husband: Thank you for supporting my goals this summer even though it meant spending nearly 1,000 miles away from one another.

To myself: Thank you for allowing yourself to grow. Thank you for recognizing your growth. Thank you for the love you have shown yourself. Thank you for being you. Thank you for this hot girl summer.