If you bring out-of-the-box thinking with a dash of hustle and a pinch of agency pedigree, but you're looking for a new agency home that thinks differently, then we should connect.


We are always looking to expand our team with marketing leadership minds and kind, good souls. Come join our spool of marketing leaders. 

Spool's Team Pledge

We work each day to ensure we're not like the last place you may have worked. Part of that entails signing the Spool Pledge, which we hold each and every member of our team accountable. If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk!

​From day one, Spool was founded with the belief that an agency can and should run on accountability and delivering exceptional work while also promoting a flexible and full life outside of our jobs. Flexibility and accountability. In order to hold ourselves to that promise and to ensure we're all accountable and delivering exceptional work, we must work and operate in a meaningful way.


What does that mean?


It means that when we ask questions, we've already done work in trying to find the solution. If you have questions that can be solved on your own, it's your responsibility to pursue that first. That doesn't mean we don't want, nor encourage everyone to ask questions among each other, but it means we are being respectful of everyone's time and we're not asking things that we can't just as easily figure out on our own.

It means that we are delivering high-quality work each and every time. Consistency of high-quality of work is one of, if not, the most important factor in one's growth at Spool. You cannot expect to grow and reach next levels if you knock it out of the park one day and then fall too short the next week. I know that each and every one of you can deliver exceptional work, or else you wouldn't be working here. It's our expectation that you deliver that level every single time. 

It means we are not box-checkers and hard workers, but rather, we are thinkers, curious and *smart* workers. I never want to hear that someone is working to cross things off their to-do list without thinking forward of "what does this work mean" to their client, to their team and to the larger purpose of what we're looking to achieve. That level of thinking should be present in everything. If you're asked to do X, then you should also be thinking about how that may ladder up to Y and Z. 

We are a lean and mean team and we are BUSY-and that means that we need to feel 110% confident in being able to rely on 

We do not have the room, time or luxury to have anyone who isn't stepping up to their full capacity. 

We need to know that each and every one of us is as dependable as the other so we can better distribute the weight of our work and ensure a couple of people are buried to carry that of their peers. 


Leave drama and ego at the door.

Raise your hand to help your teams.

Be a proactive thinker and idea-comer-upper.

Be curious. 

Be kind.

Personify the world you want to be part of. 


The opportunity each and every person at Spool has is limitless. 

We'll say it again.

The opportunity everyone at Spool has is limitless. But it's up to you.